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Dear Wii User,

Did your Mario Party Crash all of a sudden? Does your Wiimote freeze up? Are you getting an error message on your screen?

Finally, there's a great guide that will allow you to fix your Nintendo Wii console and troubleshoot errors, in the comfort of your own home! Get rid of those annoying problems, such as not connecting to the internet, discs not being read, Wii Remote problems, and more. This guide will show you step-by-step how to repair, fix, and troubleshoot your Wii console. Don't ship your Wii away for repairs. Fix it yourself and save that money for new Wii games!

Do you have what a repair center would consider to be a problem Wii? Have you tried to repair or troubleshoot Wii? There are many issues consumers may encounter. Some issues include Wii sync, Wiimote freeze, Wii console is not working, common issues with Wii consoles, etc.

You will learn with the Wii Fix Guide do it yourself Wii repairs for common problems with Wii, how to fix internet problems on Wii, Wii internet troubleshooting, resolving Wii errors, and others. Fix your Wii with the Wii Fix Guide!

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